Aviation Services & FBO Handling

From our bases, LFS provides a diverse range of FBO Handling and aircraft aviation services solutions, including dedicated and tailored services to SERVE VIP, diplomatic flights. These services include flight planning, arranging over-flight and landing clearances and organizing inflight catering. Whilst visiting any of our locations you will benefit from our extensive network of contacts and experience making your trip as enjoyable and successful as possible wherever you go.

Aviation services and FBO handling play an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of airports and other aviation facilities. These services can include a wide range of activities, from aircraft maintenance and fueling to ground transportation and passenger assistance.

FBOs, or fixed-base operators, are businesses that provide a range of services to aircraft owners and operators, including fueling, maintenance, storage, and ground transportation. Many FBOs also offer a range of amenities for passengers, such as comfortable waiting areas, conference rooms, and complimentary refreshments.


Aviation services and FBO handling are essential to the safe and efficient operation of airports and other aviation facilities. By working with experienced and reputable providers of these services, airport operators can ensure that their facilities run smoothly and efficiently, and that their passengers have a positive experience.

We also provide a complete services of ground handling and concierge, including aircraft, passenger and baggage handling, fuel, aircraft hangarage, security, customs and immigration, and limousine transfers. LFS passengers and crew can make use of private facilities at each of our FBOs. Our staff will ensure you travel with the utmost comfort in order to arrive re-energized and comfortable.

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