Private Jet Empty Leg Flights: Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Flight

Flying by private jet is fast and luxurious, but it’s also expensive. You can save time, money and fuel by flying business class on a private jet instead of commercial air travel. Each of these factors makes flying privately more attractive- but it’s also important to know which airlines offer the best deals.

Most commercial airliners have a total range of around 8-9 thousand miles. However, some planes are capable of traveling up to 11 thousand miles. That’s significantly less than the 21 thousand miles some private jets can fly. That extra range allows private jets to reach destinations faster and with less fuel consumption.

Plus, they’re better equipped with more comfortable seats and more storage space. That extra range also means these planes can travel further with fewer stops. As a result, three days’ worth of travel can happen in just one flight- which is why many people book private jet empty legs flights.


How to find Empty Leg – Empty Flight Legs & How to book It!

Virtually all of the benefits of traveling by private jet apply to empty leg flights as well as full trips. However, there are some notable differences between them. Full trips – in addition to the plane owner – travel on the plane with their employees.

This allows everyone to have a more enjoyable experience without having to worry about making someone feel uncomfortable. They can also take full control over their flight’s schedule and route without needing approval from the airline or pilot union.

Plus, having the plane owner on board helps the owner negotiate better rates for chartering his plane to your trip. In short, booking an empty leg flight is an excellent way to save time, money and fuel when you’re traveling alone or with just one other person.

What is Empty Leg Private Jet Charter?

A private jet empty leg flight is when an aircraft flies without any passengers on board and is typically offered at a discounted rate. Many people don’t know that these flights exist, but they can be a great way to save money on your next private jet charter.

Here are a few tips for getting the best deal on a private jet empty leg flight:

Be flexible with your dates and times. Empty leg flights are often scheduled at the last minute, so you’ll need to be flexible with your travel plans.

Contact the charter company directly. Some companies don’t list their empty leg flights online, so it’s worth giving them a call to see if they have any upcoming flights that fit your travel plans.

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