Global Support Service – LFS

International Trip Support

Flight Plans

Ensuring that you can rely on an expert flight planning team and can access it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year brings a multitude of benefits when you go about planning your trips. Knowing that whatever situation develops, you have an extensive experience flight planning team working for you – even in the most remote of locations – gives you that priceless feeling of safety and security with global support service – LFS Bahrain.


Having an expert team providing a speedily and considering all the necessary parameters, such as air traffic, airspaces and aircraft performance data and making the best solutions to serve your mission, adhering to safety and customer’s policy parameters.

We work with small private carriers to large international airlines, tailoring flight plans to your individual aircraft performance parameters and departure preferences.

  • Worldwide flight planning and electronic filing
  • Multiple Route Optimization
  • EROPS/ETOPS alternate usability planning (WX/NOTAM analysis)
  • ETP planning
  • North Atlantic Track system
  • Pacific and Australian Organized Track Structure (PACOTS; AUOTS),
  • Critical fuel scenario planning
  • Oxygen performance planning
  • EU ops complaint flight plans
  • Decision point or re-clear flight plans

Weather Services

Providing Pilots with essential requirement with the most up-to-the-minute information on any unfavorable weather conditions that can potentially impact the safety of your flight. Our systems is constantly being updated by a dedicated team to provide accurate worldwide graphics and forecasts through expert analysis and customized programming.

Flight Permissions

Travelling between countries & Cities are made easy with our dedicated permissions team, available 24/7 to ensure performing all your required travel plans no matter complex it is as they have an extensive in international aviation rules & regulations .

  • Short notice permits
  • Diplomatic permits
  • Military and civilian clearances
  • PPR
  • Slot (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc) obtaining and managing
  • Traffic rights
  • Landing rights

Ensuring to deliver immediate responses for :

  • Operating to non AOE
  • Out of hours operations
  • Non-objection process for traffic rights
  • Foreign Operator Certification (FOC)

Maintaining a strong relationships with global civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies worldwide. This enables us to secure essential permits in the shortest timeframe possible and we will also settle CAA charges on your behalf.

  • Short notice permits
  • Diplomatic permits
  • Military and civilian clearances
  • PPR
  • Slot (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc) obtaining and managing
  • Traffic rights
  • Landing rights

Ground Handling

We can arrange handling and services worldwide for all aircraft types ( In Airports that we don’t have our presence ) through an accredited and approved suppliers, including:

  • VIP ground handling
  • Catering arrangement
  • Crew and VIP terminal assistance
  • Ground transportation arrangement
  • Hotel accommodation arrangement
  • Aircraft security
  • VIP security arrangement
  • Cargo and commercial handling
  • Flight monitoring
  • Live updates of all processes


Our global network of Catering suppliers we ensure that can get you whatever you require, anywhere in the world. Whether your flight requires light, fine dining, or any set menu through our network this can happen.

Crew Services

LFS Aviation goes beyond the basics, offering comprehensive crew services and concierge excellence. We ensure well-rested and prepared crews, providing streamlined arrivals and departures, comfortable rest areas, and personalized assistance. Trust us to handle the details, so your crew can focus on delivering exceptional flight experiences.


Jet fuel is an essential requirement for every single flight , which also a fundamental cost factor on each flight, with our fuel services you benefit from the price advantages gained through our global contracts signed with fuel refineries or fuel suppliers. Our expert procurement department can also help you to minimize your costs and avoid difficulties through better taxation management.