Unlocking Access and Ground Services in OERK, RUH by LFS

n the realm of aviation support, two pivotal facets emerge: intricacy and variability. The former delineates the depth of comprehension required, while the latter accentuates the spectrum of expression. For human artisans, weaving together a tapestry of succinct and elaborate passages embodies the hallmark of mastery. Conversely, the synthetic mind, while proficient, often crafts a monotonous symphony devoid of crescendos and diminuendos. Herein lies the challenge: harmonizing the artistry of human expression with the precision of artificial intelligence.

Within the bustling domain of King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), a haven for global travelers, a dedicated cadre of aviation artisans stands ready to alleviate the tribulations of international transit.

Unlocking Access: Landing Permit Prerequisites

In the realm of aviation, sovereignty reigns supreme. Saudi Arabia’s international airspace, a realm of sovereign skies, mandates landing permits for all traversing its celestial expanse. Valid for a fleeting 24-hour window, these permits stand as a testament to regulatory rigor, ensuring orderly skies and secure borders. Essential to the aerial ballet is the acquisition of both landing permits and airport parking slots, requisites for traversing OERK, RUH’s boundless skies.


Fueling the Ascent: Jet A1 Uplift Arrangements

At the heart of every airborne odyssey lies the lifeblood of aviation: jet fuel. From the boundless expanse of the tarmac, timely delivery and fair pricing coalesce to form the bedrock of aerial commerce. In the rarefied realm of King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), a symphony of logistics ensures the seamless flow of Jet A1 fuel. From the inception of a fuel quotation request to the final confirmation from suppliers, every step is meticulously choreographed to ensure an unbroken chain of service excellence.

Grounded in Excellence: King Khaled International Airport Ground Handling

Beyond the stratosphere of aviation commerce lies the terra firma of ground handling. At OERK, RUH, King Khaled International Airport, a pantheon of ground support services awaits, a testament to the industry’s commitment to excellence. With a global network of ground handling agreements and a cadre of local representatives, King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) stands as a paragon of support and facilitation.

From touchdown to takeoff, the vigilant gaze of our flight support team ensures an unparalleled standard of service excellence. In the annals of aviation, King Khaled International Airport stands as a testament to human ingenuity and technological prowess. From its labyrinthine runways to its bustling control towers, every facet exudes an aura of excellence, beckoning travelers to explore the boundless skies.


Aerodrome Geographical & Administrative Data of King Khaled International Airport, Saudi Arabia

Understanding the intricacies of aerodrome geographical and administrative data is paramount in navigating the skies with precision and efficiency. Here are the key details for King Khaled International Airport:

IATA Airport Code : RUH || ICAO Airport Code : OERK || Airport Type : Civil || Airport Hours : 24 Hours || Control Tower : 24 Hours || Latitude : N24-57.8 || Longitude : E046-42.5 || Elevation : 13797 x 197, 15L/33Rft || Customs : 24 Hours || Immigration : 24 Hours || Time : UTC+3.00 || Operating Hours : 24 Hours || Runway : 27/09 157 × 11312 ft.

Airport Communications

Clear and effective communication is the cornerstone of safe and efficient aviation operations. King Khaled International Airport (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) employs the following communication frequencies: Riyadh Clearance : 121.700 Mhz || Riyadh ATIS : 127.150 Mhz || Riyadh Ground Control : 121.800 Mhz || Control Tower : 118.800 Mhz.

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As a leading provider of aviation support services, LFS is committed to delivering the highest standards of service excellence. With our dedicated team and extensive network, we ensure seamless transit through Saudi Arabian airspace for all our clients. Whether you require landing permits, ground handling, or any other aviation-related assistance, LFS is your trusted partner in the skies.


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