SUN n FUN 2024: Elevating Aerospace Excellence

Envision the thunderous rumble of antique warbirds soaring above, the kaleidoscopic hues of aerial acrobatics painting the canvas of the Florida firmament, and the awe-inspiring precision of the Ghost Squadron’s MiG-29 slicing through the air. This transcends mere aviation exposition; it embodies an odyssey! Etch the SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024 into your agenda, commemorating its golden jubilee. The event boasts an electrifying roster guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

Sun n Fun 2024: Aerospace Extravaganza | April 9-14, 2024

From antiquated marvels to avant-garde innovations, this venerable exposition caters to all. Prepare to plunge into a realm of marvels. Strap in tight, for we embark on a voyage through the pinnacle moments of this indelible gathering!

What Distinguishes Sun ‘n Fun 2024?

The SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024 stands as a pinnacle in the aerospace domain. It encompasses an array of engagements and exhibitions, drawing a diverse multitude. Commencing with a debut concert, featuring Trace Adkins and Sara Evans, luminaries of the melodic realm, the festivities commence on a resounding note. Furthermore, over 500 novel exhibitors enrich the affair, broadening the spectrum of aviation wares and amenities. Attendees are treated to a spectacle of rarefied warbirds, spanning epochs of aviation history, crafting a visually arresting spectacle.


Moreover, the extravaganza showcases breathtaking pyrotechnic displays on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. These illuminations bedazzle the heavens, lauding the ethos of aviation. Concurrently, joyrides proffer attendees a unique chance to taste the thrill of flight aboard diverse aircraft. A notable highlight is the premiere of the Ghost Squadron, debuting the legendary Mig 29 at SUN ‘n FUN. This pivotal inclusion underscores the remarkable strides in aviation technology. Undoubtedly, it offers attendees a firsthand encounter with the vanguard of aviation innovation. This serves as but a glimpse into the myriad enthralling encounters awaiting at the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024.

Immersive Attractions and Family Fun at Sun n Fun 2024

Tora Tora Tora, an evocative reenactment of the Pearl Harbor saga, returns to the fold, alongside a cadre of adept civilian aerial virtuosos. The Airshow Pit, an enclave tailored for intimate interaction with performers, proffers an unparalleled experience. The expo introduces the Future ‘n Flight Plaza, a bastion of aerospace advancement. Furthermore, youth-centric activities foster edutainment, ensuring a fulfilling experience for the younger cohort. A familial haven, replete with a designated tent for relaxation and convenient charging stations, caters to familial comfort.

The Florida Air Museum, ensconced within the expo precincts, unveils enhanced exhibits for exploration. A novel airborne-themed playground beckons, promising mirth for the youthful attendees. In summation, the SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024 promises a replete and riveting experience for aficionados of flight, cementing its status as a veritable must-attend affair.

Where Does Sun ‘n Fun 2024 Take Flight?

The SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024 unfolds at the Lakeland Linder International Airport, situated at 3900 Don Emerson Dr. Ste 210, Lakeland, FL, 33811. The event transpires on the southern expanse of the airport. The locale offers ample space for activities and exhibits, encompassing airshows, concerts, workshops, and networking junctures. Additionally, the venue accommodates the showcasing of static military aircraft and demonstration flights.


Lakeland’s balmy April clime renders it an ideal milieu for al fresco gatherings such as the SUN n FUN 2024 Aerospace Expo. Moreover, the city’s amenities adeptly cater to the sizable throngs that grace the event annually. In essence, Lakeland’s storied aviation legacy and commodious venue render it the quintessential host locale for the SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo 2024. Furthermore, the city’s clement climate and accommodating infrastructure further augment its allure as the venue of choice.

What Are Sun n Fun 2024 Ticket Prices?

The Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace expo ticketing structure fluctuates contingent upon access level, age, and membership status. Herein lies a comprehensive delineation of ticket prices: Primarily, Single Day Tickets afford a sampling of the expo’s offerings. Adult General Admission commands $45, while Adult Members enjoy a reduced rate of $40. Youth tickets (ages 11-17) are priced at $20, with children aged 10 and below granted complimentary access.

Subsequently, Weekly Tickets cater to the discerning enthusiast unwilling to miss a moment. Adult General Admission fetches $170, while Adult Members benefit from a discounted rate of $140. Youth tickets (ages 11-17) are available at $70, with children aged 10 and below enjoying unbridled access throughout the week.

Parking Provisions

Parking options abound. Single Day General parking is attainable at $10 online and $20 onsite. Single Day Preferred parking is available onsite for $30. Weekly General parking is pegged at $60 online and $80 onsite.

VIP Amenities

Moreover, the expo proffers an array of specials. The 9/27 Club affords an exclusive soiree, with Single Day Adult tickets ranging from $185 to $250, contingent upon the day, and Weekly Adult tickets priced at $1,000. Parking for the 9/27 Club commands $35 for a single day and $120 for the week.

Preferred Airshow Seating and Preferred Photo Seating are available for an additional $35. Special rates are extended to Florida Residents and After 5:00 PM General Admission. Please note, pricing structures are subject to revision. It is advisable to consult the official website for the latest updates.


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